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Our Pillow Promise

At Pillow My Fancy we have a few promises. We promise that our throw pillows are always made with the best materials available to us. Whether it's the fabric, the heavy-duty zipper, or the extra strong thread, our pillow covers are made to last.

We promise that our throw pillows are made by a person, and not mass produced by a machine. We promise that our throw pillows are all made in the U.S.A. We promise that our throw pillows are as unique as you.

Very often our throw pillows are one of a kind and there may only be a few of a certain pattern. We promise that each and every throw pillow is carefully designed and inspected to meet these promises.

Our Sunbrella Partnership

Working with fabrics since the 1980s, we have developed quite a relationship with the Sunbrella brand. We feel very proud of this relationship because to us, they are much more than just a fabric brand.

Our long-standing partnership has allowed us to work together on new ideas and trends in the fabric world. That could mean collaborating on a new material, product, or design to test in the marketplace, or working with designers or social media influencers to bring Sunbrella into the indoor space.

We are committed to the use of Sunbrella brand fabrics for throw pillows when someone is looking for not only beauty and quality, but for durability and longevity as well.

Our Team

Wondering about the Pillow My Fancy team? Sometimes it's nice to hear about all the people that have a hand in making throw pillows.

At Pillow My Fancy, we recognize that our team is one of the most important aspects of our business.

Whether it's the designer who is hand selecting fabrics to coordinate the front and back side of our pillows, the seamstress who sews it, our products team that manages the product information found on our website, the customer service associate who helps answers your questions, or the shipping department who ultimately packages your pillow - it is surprising to see how many people are involved in the creation of just one throw pillow.