Sizing Guide

Throw Pillow Sizing Guide


  • Exact measurements are necessary for us to complete your pillow project accurately.
  • If you are measuring existing pillows, make sure they are the original pillows that came with your furniture set.
  • Measurements on existing pillows are done from seam to seam.
  • There are no standard sizes for most furniture pillows.
  • When ordering completed pillows from us, we will custom design the pillows from the information you provide us. Therefore, we are unable to offer returns on this custom service so please provide us as much information as you can, and follow the below instructions thoroughly.

Please feel free to email or call to ask questions on how to measure or for calculating DIY yardage.

Now, grab a measuring tape, something to write with, and let's get started.

Measuring Pillows

If throw pillows are part of your order, please note the following:

  • Pillows are measured square, not diagonally.
  • Stand the pillow upright on its side.
  • Grip one of the corners and pull tight to the other corner, as much as possible.
  • Then, measure from corner to corner.
  • Based on your pillow fullness and curve, this measurement will not be as accurate as you may think. Please round up to the nearest whole number. Keep in mind that pillows lose their form and fullness over time.
  • Throw pillows often come in standard sizes: 18x18, 20x20, 22x22, etc.
  • All dimensions should round up to the nearest whole number. Throw pillows, when filled, will be approximately 5-10% smaller than your specified dimensions. If you want an 18x18 throw pillow, you may consider ordering one that is 20x20. Please increase your measurements by 5-10%.

Throw Pillows on Bed

Optional Pillow Details

Most pillows use additional features to provide a satisfying finish and to allow for ease of use. Zippered pillow covers, for example, are easy to remove, wash, dry, and replace on the pillow. In addition to zippers, we provide Velcro ties, buttons, matching fabric ties, and single welting.

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